Complaints And Grievances Policy


Who are we QINES is an inclusive school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.

Mission Statement : To provide high quality childcare learning in a safe and clean environment

Our Vision : Empowering pupils to become confident compassionate and internationally minded learners.

We believe that QINES provides a good education for all children and an open, caring environment for staff and parents. The Head of School and all staff work hard to build positive relationships with parents and all members of the school community. However, the school is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints.

The following policy sets out the policy and procedures that the school follows in such cases.

Our school aims to be fair, open and honest when dealing with any complaint. We give careful consideration to all complaints and deal with them as effectively as possible.

We aim to resolve and complaint through dialogue and mutual understanding and in all cases put the interests of the child above all other issues.

We provide sufficient opportunity for any complaint to be fully discussed and resolved. Procedure If a parent of a member of staff is concerned about anything to do with the education that we are providing in our school or about the actions or behaviour of a teacher they should, in the first instance, try to discuss the matter with the teacher themselves. Most matters of concern can be dealt with in this way.

Where a parent or member of staff feels that a situation has not been resolved through contact with the teacher, or if their concern is of a more serious nature, they should make an appointment to discuss it with the Head of School. The Head of School will consider any such complaint seriously and investigate each case in an appropriate manner. Such complaints are normally dealt with at this stage although, if required, the Head of School will ask for confidential advice from the Chair of the School Management Committee.

When making decisions the needs of all parties are considered with priority given to ensure that the working atmosphere is conducive to an effective learning environment. Should a parent or member of staff have a complaint about the Head of School which cannot be resolved through discussion s/he should contact the Chair of the School Management Committee in writing who will investigate the matter.

The Chairperson of the SMC must consider all written complaints within a month of receipt and arrange meetings with the HOS and the complainant to discuss the issue and investigate it further. The Chair of the SMC gives the complainant and Head of School at least 3 days’ notice of the meeting.

After hearing all of the evidence the Chair of the SMC considers his / her decision and informs all parties involved in the investigation of the decision in writing. Everything possible will be done to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of all parties. This policy is made available to all parents and staff via the school website and will be updated biannually.


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