Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy


Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy 

Who are we QINES is an inclusive school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.

Mission Statement : To provide high quality childcare learning in a safe and clean environment

Our Vision : Empowering pupils to become confident compassionate and internationally minded learners.


This policy has been developed by Quality International Nursery & Elementary School

Main  objectives

Our primary consideration is to ensure that no learner is at risk of abuse or is harmed.

Our key objectives are:

  • Do all that we can to ensure that learners are not at risk of abuse while at Quality International Nursery & Elementary School
  • Do all that we can to ensure that all learners are free from sexual harassment while within our school or while receiving a service from us; whether the harassment is from employees, peers or contractors; and recognize and take appropriate action, when a child, young person or vulnerable adult might have been abused, including in the community or family.

To meet our objectives, we commit to:

Comply with all relevant laws and regulations,

Set overarching principles to help our employees think about our safeguarding / child protection responsibilities.


Define procedures and provide guidance on the safeguarding/child protection standards we expect and the actions our people should take to avoid risk and to respond to cases of abuse,

Communicate our Policy and guidelines to our employees, contractors, parents and others interested in our approach including through publishing our policy,

Ensure all our people are offered training to build their skills in avoiding, identifying, responding and reporting cases of harm,

Monitor and document performance and apply any learning from these Safeguarding / Child Protection Learning Principles.

Quality International Nursery & Elementary School has developed a Safeguarding / Child Protection Policy (12/06/2021) and as part of that policy, we have defined a set of procedures to follow as well as guidelines on other issues. We will also signpost other policies and procedures that are complementary to safeguarding /child protection.

Our safeguarding/child protection learners’ principles

  1. Best interests of the learner are paramount and shall be the primary consideration in our decision making.
  2. We are learner centered and have adopted a rights-based approach. This helps us keep the rights of students, children and vulnerable adults to care, nurturing and equality of protection sharply in focus in all our activities
  3. Equality of protection to ensure that students have the same positive opportunity and to engage in our activities safely regardless of their gender, ability, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, circumstances or age.
  4. Vulnerable children and adults require attention to optimize their safety needs and promote their access to important opportunities.
  5. We take responsibility to meet our obligations regarding our duty of care to all our students. This means ensuring our products are safe and that we protect children and vulnerable adults across all our activities and facilities.
  6. We reject the use of child or forced labor in our educational activities and in our business relationships.
  7. We make clear our standards to contractors and suppliers and audit those we identify as being high risk.
  8. We recognize and acknowledge an element of risk can exist in many learning situations, and while we may never be able to eliminate this completely, we will do all we can to reduce or limit its impact.
  9. We are honest and transparent in our approach and publicly disclose both this policy and the way we work to try and protect all our students and children and vulnerable adults.
  10. In general, excepting where there is an apparent immediate threat to life or limb, all personally identifiable information concerning students should only be shared and handled on a need to know basis and where we have the express consent of the data subject for the nominated purpose. Access to the information must be necessary for the conduct of a role relevant to our School Only individuals who have legitimate reasons to access the information can receive it.
  11. We support and train those working within Quality International Nursery & Elementary School to recognize and respond to student concerns, to concerns in relation to child and vulnerable adult protection risks and incidences.
  12. We have a dedicated person (s) in place to take responsibility for the protection of children and vulnerable adults
  13. We work with others to protect children and vulnerable adults. This could include law enforcement or child welfare agencies where necessary. We require incidents relevant to this policy in respect of all students to be reported in a timely way both internally and to the appropriate authorities, linked to proper recording of the relevant details.
  14. Independent monitoring of the implementation of the policy is important to us, and we would share our policy with all relevant people and agencies.

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