Staff Recruitment Policy


Who are we QINES is an inclusive school that nurtures curiosity, creativity and global awareness through an inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. Children learn to become resilient and respectful in an environment where each child is challenged and encouraged to thrive and achieve as an individual.

Mission Statement : To provide high quality childcare learning in a safe and clean environment

Our Vision : Empowering pupils to become confident compassionate and internationally minded learners.

QINES International School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff to share this commitment. It is recognised that this can only be achieved through the recruitment and retention of competent, motivated employees who are suited to, and fulfilled in the roles they undertake.

This school recognises the value of, and seeks to achieve a diverse workforce which includes people from different backgrounds with different skills and abilities. The school is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of all who work within the school is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, effective and promotes equality of opportunity. It is the responsibility of the Head of School and other managers involved in recruitment to ensure that the school operates safe recruitment procedures and makes sure all appropriate checks are carried out on all staff who work at the school and to promote the welfare of children at every stage of the procedure.

The SMC body has delegated responsibility to the Head of School to lead in all appointments outside of the recruitment of a new Head. School Management Committee may be involved in staff appointments but the final decision will rest with the Head of School. The Head of School may delegate the selection process of staff other than teachers to other managers in the school, but remains responsible for the decision to appoint. Procedure

The school will advertise all vacant teaching posts to encourage as wide a field of candidates as possible; normally this will entail an external advertisement and on the school’s website. However, where there is a reasonable expectation that there are sufficient qualified internal candidates an internal advertisement may be considered appropriate and / or the Head of School will review applications previously received.

Learning assistants are recruited locally either through the school’s website or by word of mouth as are support staff.

Absences due to short and long term sickness are usually covered using locally qualified learning assistants until it is known how long the member of staff is likely to be absent.

Temporary positions will then be advertised for long term absence positions. References for shortlisted candidates will be sent for immediately after shortlisting. References must be in writing and be specific to the job for which the candidate has applied – open references or testimonials are not acceptable. Only references from a trusted authoritative source will be acceptable. Reference requests will specifically ask about the referee’s relationship with the candidate, whether the referee is completely satisfied that the candidate is suitable to work with children and, if not, the reasons why the referee believes that the person might be unsuitable.

Referees will also be asked to confirm details of the applicant’s current post, salary and attendance record, performance history and conduct and about any disciplinary procedures involving issues related to the safety and welfare of children. References will be compared to the application form to ensure that the information provided is consistent.

Interviews : The selection process will include the following: Face to face interview / professional interview whenever possible or interview by SKYPE/ZOOM/TEAMS.

Verification of Qualifications and/or Professional Status : Proof of identity and other documentation ( including local criminal background check, or its equivalent) will be verified by the Head Once all pre-employment checks have been satisfactorily completed / received, an offer of employment will be made through a letter of intent and once the terms of employment have been accepted by the applicant a contract will be issued.

Probation period : Newly appointed members of staff will be subject to the school’s probationary period of three months. Induction : All newly appointed staff will, either prior to or at the point of taking up the post, undergo a programme of induction appropriate for their position.


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